One thought on “Fruits & Vegetables are good for Health — پھل اور سبزیاں صحت کے لیئے مفید ھیں

  1. Patient Name:Zia Mustafa
    Age:41 Years


    – Known patient of Moderate mitral stenosis+Moderate pulmonary hypertension
    As per present echo on 06.05.2011, MVA 1.1cm2
    Dilated left atrium.
    Rheumatic thickened, doming mitral value moderately tight stenosis. Thickness 2+,mobility 2+,calcification 2+, inflra valvular disease 2+.
    – Gall bladder, Laparoscopic cholycystectomy (operation) was done on 06-10-2011


    – Shortness of breath
    – Over Weight specially belly (80Kg)
    – Pain in Pindalies (Tibia) & Foots (Heels)
    – Mostly Uric Acid are on higher side
    – Problem of Qabiz (Constipation), regularly taken Ispaghol chilka or skilax drops for said problem

    – Suitable for PTMC
    – Chances of Risk for PTMC
    – Chances of again valve shrink after PTMC
    – How can loose weight
    – How can control Uric Acid
    – How can control constipation

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